Stimulate superior sales

Sales professionals have a million questions. “How do my consumers want to buy?” “What should I ask a prospect?” “What went wrong in my last sale?” “What went right, and how can I repeat it?” “What can I do to increase trust?” Combine that uncertainty with constantly changing processes and obstacles, and it’s easy for sales teams to find themselves asking more than doing.

The Excellence-In Sales™ program trains and coaches your staff to dramatically improve your organization’s sales productivity and performance. Our program arms sales teams with a proven strategy, system, and process they can apply to sell any product or service with consistent effectiveness.

Excellence-In Sales is comprised of three phases. In Phase I, we walk your sales team through the fundamentals of sales and standard techniques. Phase II introduces our 15-Step Sales Strategy, including learning to overcome “No” through the power of “Know.” Phase III involves one-on-one and small group coaching on advanced techniques and action planning, followed by Sales Team Oversight Meetings conducted in conjunction with your sales manager to ensure sustainability.

Program deliverables include:

  • A four-day initial sales training workshop
  • Development of a customized sales strategy and action plan
  • Personalized skills development for each member of your team
  • Weekly, monthly, or quarterly coaching sessions to measure results and assure continual improvement

Our Excellence Team has collectively sold more than $1 billion in products, services, franchises, mergers, and acquisitions. Improve how your sales team performs with Excellence-In Sales by contacting Excellence-In today.