Discover, develop, and nurture exceptional leadership

Effective leadership involves a combination of inspiring and developing employees, while guiding change and managing stakeholders. Due to the dynamic nature of managing a team or company, it can be difficult for leaders to focus on how to improve themselves.

However, leadership comes from more places than just the owner of an organization. Every employee, on some level, serves a leadership role. Whether that person is a receptionist, account executive, manager, or executive, they must lead by example by staying engaged and holding themselves accountable for their role and providing leadership for their respective area of responsibility.

Excellence-In Leadership™ offers an outside perspective to train, guide, coach, and support your organization toward better leadership. Our multi-phase program introduces and reinforces 12 critical leadership disciplines that your employees should develop and practice to achieve peak performance. Through several levels of instruction, you will see inspired leaders emerge. Executives and top-level managers receive intense training and one-on-one coaching to keep your organization striving for excellence.

Program deliverables include:

  • A leadership gap assessment
  • Formation of an internal Excellence-In-Action Team comprised of your company’s employees for sustainability
  • Individual leadership development plans
  • Classroom-based and online training
  • Results evaluation, feedback, and refinement

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