Foster greater levels of trust and respect, leading to more effective communications

Communication breaks down in work environments with low levels of trust and respect. The result is poor communication that greatly impacts your business by creating confusion and conflict, and reducing performance and teamwork. Ultimately, this can derail your company from accomplishing goals and increasing profits. To create a workplace where effective communication is the norm, we must establish a foundation of trust and respect from which connection, cooperation, coordination, and collaboration become the standard way of doing business.

The Excellence-In Communications™ workshop and coaching program helps your staff learn methods to better understand and respect others, and ultimately the art and skills of creating trusted relationships and effective communication. Our approach with communication is to always seek to understand others before attempting to be understood.

We also use The Color Code program to help employees develop a realistic perception of themselves, their respective behavioral styles, and driving core motives. With that understanding, your organization can develop a healthy culture built on increased levels of trust and respect. Your company’s leadership team will develop more meaningful, valuable, and lasting relationships with employees, which will extend to your customers and clients.

Program deliverables include:

  • Online personality profile and behavioral style assessment
  • Comprehensive personal report
  • Two-day initial workshop, including workbooks, quick reference cards, Color Code overview, and three hours of downloadable MP3s
  • Development of a customized relationship enhancement action plan
  • Personalized skills development for each team member
  • Weekly, monthly, or quarterly coaching sessions to measure results and assure continual improvement
  • Ongoing support materials, including exclusive access to e-books, videos, recordings, application guidelines, reference materials, and optional newsletter subscription

Promote a healthier culture of trust, respect, and effective communication with Excellence-In Communications by contacting Excellence-In today.